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What If I Get Deported but My Children Were Born in the U.S.?

For generations, people have been coming to the United States in hopes of making a better life for themselves and their families. However, sometimes those who are still in the process of obtaining lawful residence run the risk of being deported.

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Impact of Criminal History on Green Card & Citizenship

A criminal record, whether in your home country, the United States, or another country, affects your ability to be approved for a green card or citizenship in the U.S. Although a criminal history complicates the process, it does not necessarily prohibit you from approval for either.

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Responding to NOID and NOIT

When you have to leave behind a place you call home to start a new chapter of life, it is extremely difficult. Navigating a journey because of a complex legal process is emotional.

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Why Is August and September 2020 Critical for Applying for An Adjustment of Status in The United States?

Why is August and September of 2020 critical for applying for an adjustment of status in the United States? 1) No enforcement of New Public Charge rule and lower attorney’s fees

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