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Motor vehicle crashes are among the leading causes of injuries and deaths in Texas and the United States. When car accidents occur, drivers and passengers often suffer injuries, including broken bones, sprains, fractures, traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, spinal cord injuries, or sometimes death. If you or a family member were injured in a car accident caused by another person's negligence, you may be eligible to seek fair compensation by filing injury claims.

At M Mathew Law Firm, PLLC, I understand how difficult and emotional such an unfortunate experience can be for you and your loved ones. I can help investigate all of the facts of your unique situation thoroughly and explore your possible options to seek damages. As an experienced Texas personal injury attorney, I can attempt to recover the maximum possible compensation for your injuries, property damages, pain, suffering, or loss.

My firm – M Mathew Law Firm, PLLC – proudly serves car accident victims across Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding areas of Richardson, Farmers Branch, Mesquite, Lewisville, Grand Prairie, and Irving.

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Liability for Car Accidents in Texas

Texas is an at-fault auto insurance state. At-fault means that the person who caused the accident (at-fault party) will be held financially liable for any injury or property damage sustained by the accident victims. To recover damages, the injured person or driver can proceed by:

  • Filing an injury claim with their own insurance company.

  • Filing a third-party claim with the insurance carrier of the at-fault party.

  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party in civil court

A skilled personal injury attorney can help determine the best option to seek damages by reviewing all of the facts of your unique circumstances and the extent of your injuries or damages suffered.

Texas Insurance Requirements

Under Texas law, motorists are obligated to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance with the following coverage limits:

  • $30,000 liability coverage for bodily injuries for a single person

  • $60,000 liability coverage for total bodily injuries per accident involving two or more people

  • $25,000 liability coverage for property damage per accident

The basic liability coverage will help pay for the medical costs, property damages, and other accident-related expenses incurred by the victims, up to coverage limits. Also, Texas drivers can include uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage with their insurance policy.

State Laws Addressing Personal Injury Claims

In Texas, certain laws and rules guide the reporting of an auto accident, the time limit for filing injury claims, as well as the amount of compensation that may be recovered.

Reporting a Car Accident

Under the Texas Transportation Code, a person involved in an auto accident in the state must report the crash to the Texas DOT if the accident resulted in injury, death, property damage over $1,000, or the incident is not investigated by the police.

Statute of Limitations

The Texas statutes of limitation for car accidents states that any injury claim —whether filed by a passenger, driver, bicyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian, or electric scooter rider — must be filed within two (2) years of the date the accident or injury occurred.

Modified Comparative Fault

Additionally, Texas operates using a modified comparative fault rule, with a 51% bar. Under the system, an accident victim will be allowed to recover damages if they were partially or equally responsible for the accident or injury. However, the damages that may be recovered will be reduced by the victim's degree of fault.

For instance, if the judge awards $60,000 in total damages against the at-fault party, and you were found to be 10% responsible for the car accident, your compensation will be reduced by $6,000. You will only receive $54,000. Under Texas's modified comparative fault rule, you will be barred from receiving compensation if you were more than 50% at fault for your injuries or the accident.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Wrongful death is an avoidable death which occurs due to someone else's neglect or wrongful act. Under Texas law, an action to recover damages may be brought if an individual's death was caused by another person's wrongful act, neglect, unskillfulness, carelessness, or default. The person who caused the death – or injury that caused the victim's death – may be held responsible.

Who Can File?

In Texas, any of the following parties may bring a wrongful death action:

  • The decedent’s surviving spouse, parents, and adult children

  • The executor or administrator of the deceased person's estate

Statute of Limitations: However, a wrongful death action must be commenced within two (2) years from the date of the victim’s death.

Filing a wrongful death claim can provide the decedent's surviving loved one with much-needed financial assistance to cover outstanding medical expenses, funeral and burial costs, loss of consortium, and lost income.

Work with A Skilled Personal Injury Attorney

Sustaining an injury in an auto crash can be an overwhelming experience. If you are unlucky, the incident can leave you hospitalized and unable to work. However, you do not have to suffer the financial liability and challenges alone. Therefore, you must hire a skilled personal injury attorney immediately to protect your best interests and help pursue your rightful compensation.

At M Mathew Law Firm, PLLC, I have the knowledge, experience, and resources to assist and represent car accident victims in their injury claims.

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